UNH Conference for Managers and Supervisors, February 19, 2016, Wentworth by the Sea, New Castle, NH, The Transformational Leader

10th Annual Conference
For Managers, Supervisors, Team & Project Leaders


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The Transformational

Transforming People & Organizations
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Friday, February 19, 2016
Wentworth-by-the-Sea Hotel, New Castle, NH

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Agenda and Sessions

8:30-9 a.m.—Registration & Continental Breakfast

9-9:15 a.m.—Conference Welcome

9:15-10:30 a.m.—Concurrent Sessions

Being a Leader, Not a Dictator:
Why Building Trust Works and Matters

It is a common misconception that respect naturally comes with a management title. Just because a manager/leader has the title, however, doesn’t mean that employees will respect you, follow you, and perform according to what you request. Whether your job title is manager, CEO, VP, or assistant, you have to earn the respect and trust of your employees. This creates the environment where they can thrive, grow, and succeed. Ironically, one earns trust by first GIVING trust. A trusting leadership style will empower employees to believe in the company and their own abilities, enabling them to better achieve your business goals. In this session you will learn:

why “trust” forms the foundation for highly effective leadership;
how to assess your personal trustworthiness;
• how to build trust with employees with different styles and motivations;
• why teams benefit from leaders who focus on strong trusting relationships; and
• how to increase trust and grow leadership in your organization.

Presenter: David Liddell is founder and CEO of SKYE Business Solutions—improving the capabilities of leaders, employee skills and abilities, and organizational profitability. He is a noted and respected speaker, coach, facilitator, and trainer. His problem-solving abilities, hands-on approach, and expertise make him sought after by leaders who want breakthrough results for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. He has held strategic leadership roles in major organizations. He has an unwavering commitment to help leaders build and maximize their talents—helping them to “look in” to “see out”.

Smart Strategies for Leading with
Greater Emotional Intelligence

You know as a manager that getting your team on board with your goals is critical to success. But employees are becoming increasingly hard to read, and it’s no small feat to appeal to their diverse wants and needs as you strive to win loyalty. This session will show you how to understand your employees better so that you can motivate them more effectively. You’ll discover unconventional methods for tapping into the minds and hearts of those you lead, so that you can encourage cooperation in a manner that resonates. You’ll also gain insight into personal blind spots (every leader has them) that may be sabotaging your current leadership efforts.

Presenter: Amy Wood, Psy.D., is a psychologist based in Maine, who—through psychotherapy, executive coaching, mediation, and training—has helped a broad range of adults to articulate and accomplish their own versions of success. She is a certified coach by the College of Executive Coaching, a certified mediator, and author of Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-paced World. She is in the Nat’l Speakers Assn., writes the weekly blog “Living Smart” for MaineToday.com, and is often called on for expert opinion by media, such as Parade Magazine.

10:30-10:45 a.m.—Break

10:45 a.m.-Noon—Concurrent Sessions

How to Engage Your Biggest Expense: Your Employees

Employee engagement doesn’t start with THEM, it starts with LEADERSHIP. Your employees are the recipients of the culture created by your leadership. True employee engagement requires organizational leaders to stop telling employees what to do. Engagement begins when a working environment is created that inspires employees, helps them feel vested to your business, and drives them to work with the best interests of the company in mind. This session will help you:

• diagnose the levels of engagement in your organization;
• determine key success measures of engagement;
• understand how engagement impacts employees’ behavior and customer retention;
• learn how leadership behavior drives engagement; and
• determine what you can do to increase employee engagement.

Presenter: David Liddell (see previous biography)

Leadership Creativity:
Practical Techniques for Generating New Ideas

Businesses need creativity and innovation. Without it, organizations could not adapt, be flexible, and adjust to changes in market and customer demands. And, along with those changes come problems—new problems that require new solutions and new ways of thinking. In this session you will learn powerful tips, techniques and strategies for generating creative thinking and unique ideas that turn problems into opportunities. You’ll identify “mental locks” that block creativity, and you’ll learn 10 strategies to encourage and promote creativity in yourself and others. You’ll explore why it’s important to challenge boundaries and learn how to use “thinkertoys” to spark creativity and innovation.

Presenter: Lynne Richards, MBA, is an author, founder of Leading Generations, a training and leadership development firm, and a member of the National Speakers Assn. She specializes in helping people develop their leadership, supervisory, and training skills. With over 20 years’ experience in management and training, she brings a wealth of hands-on, practical experience to the classroom, providing clients with workshops on leadership, supervision, communication, and training design and delivery.

Noon-1 p.m.—Buffet Lunch at the Wentworth

1-2:15 p.m.—Concurrent Sessions

The Resilient Leader:
Why You NEED to be One…and HOW to be One

As your resilience increases, so does your ability to handle stress and pressure. It helps you be more effective and makes life a lot easier. You have more energy and vitality, are able to be more productive and…more inspiring to others. You’re better able to handle difficult people because you’re far less reactive. Finally, as you become resilient, you experience greater confidence and personal power, therefore, increasing your ability to also inspire confidence in others. While being a resilient leader has always been important, it will become even more important as change and uncertainty continue to escalate. In this session, you will learn principles, practices, and tactics for building resilience, drawn from a wide variety of disciplines. You will walk away with specific, actionable things you can do to become a more resilient, energetic, inspiring leader.

Presenter: David Lee is founder and principal of HumanNature@Work and an internationally recognized authority on organizational and managerial practices that optimize employee performance, morale, and engagement. He is author of Managing Employee Stress and Safety and nearly 100 articles and book chapters on organizational and individual performance. He has held positions as a supervisor and trainer in the corporate world and clinician and trainer in the healthcare field.

Understanding What It Takes to Help Teams Reach Full Potential

Reach Full Potential Research tells us that teams outperform individuals when work requires cross-functional expertise, complex problem-solving, or implementation of a plan requiring cooperation from others. In other words: teams are a necessary component of most 21st century work settings. Unfortunately, the full potential of work teams often goes unrealized because the basic fundamentals of leading teams are ignored. This session teaches proven, replicable techniques to help teams reach their full potential and adopt behaviors that promote trust, accountability, and a commitment to results. Among the topics to be covered: Myths and Facts about High Performing Teams; Measuring and Monitoring Team Performance; Right Ways to Lead Teams; Right Use of Talent on Teams; and Two Dysfunctional Team Behaviors You Must Avoid. There is a positive message for the participant throughout this session: Yes, you can transform team performance "back home," and it doesn't have to be that hard.

Presenter: Vaughan Limbrick, M.S., HCS, is a senior management consultant with over 20 years’ experience in leadership development, executive coaching, team effectiveness, human capital management, and large system change work, including collaboration start-ups between previously competing organizations. She is a former MBA faculty member at Johns Hopkins Univ. and Marymount Univ. Clients have included: US Army/Navy/Marine Corps, other large federal agencies, academia, and various small and mid-sized companies.

2:15-2:30 p.m.—Break

2:30-4 p.m.—Concurrent Sessions

Help Me..Help YOU..Help US:
How to Align, Coach and Empower Employees
to Execute Your Strategy

One of THE most important tasks of a manager is to help their employees understand specifically how they can best contribute to their employer’s goals, and then do everything they can to support their employees doing so. Unfortunately, research by Harris Interactive has shown that only 4 out of 10 employees understands their employer’s goals and only 2 out of 10 understand how they can best contribute. Added to this serious problem is the fact that most employees get very little feedback on how they are doing, and when they do, it’s often done once a year and done clumsily. In this session, you’ll learn what you can do to help your employees become a productive, engaged, inspired team, which helps you achieve your goals as well as the company’s. You’ll look at: how to reverse engineer your employer’s goals into specific behaviors, how to speak in terms of “virtual training videos” so employees know how to engage in these high value behaviors, and how to provide feedback that provides useful information and makes employees want to do better.

Presenter: David Lee (see previous biography).

Understanding “Success-Avoidance” in order to
Manage In A Supportive Way

In our society, being successful means continually striving for greater achievements and rewards. It may mean new challenges and expectations, leaving a predictable way of life and vaulting into the unknown. Though exciting and fulfilling with benefits, there are also a number of tradeoffs to success. Many people may engage in success-avoidance or success-sabotage, once called “fear of success”. This session will explore this phenomenon, outline its dynamics, and offer suggestions for managing it. We’ll explore how success-avoidance tendencies affect behavior; why traditional reward-centered approaches sometime appear to have the opposite intended effect; how to minimize negative responses and deal with low self-esteem; how to encourage at-risk individuals while appreciating their concerns; and how to integrate one’s personal style and preferences with newly learned coaching, mentoring, and motivational skills and techniques.

Presenter: Gerri King, Ph.D., is a social psychologist and organizational consultant to corporations, nonprofits, government, education, and healthcare. She works throughout the U.S., Asia, and Canada with a focus on Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Planning, Leadership and Supervisory Training, Conflict Resolution, Managing Change, and Enhancing Teams. Based in Concord, NH, she is a founding partner of Human Dynamics Associates. Gerri also has a new book out, available on Amazon.com, called The ‘DUH’ Book of Management and Supervision: Dispelling Common Leadership Myths.

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Certificate Program Elective
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What the Cost Includes
Cost includes conference materials and handouts, continental breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, and parking. Cost does not include overnight accommodations. Participants will receive .6 CEUs (continuing education units), attesting to your professional development.

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