University of New Hampshire Violin Craftsmanship Institute

The Violin Craftsmanship Institute
sponsored by UNH Professional Development and Training
is a highly acclaimed, world renowned violin building and bow making institute
with expert faculty members leading hands-on workshops.

Now in its 43rd Year!


Week-long Hands-on Workshops on
Violin Building
Violin and Stringed Instrument Maintenance and Repair
Violin Varnishing, Frog Making,

Bow Making, Bow Repair, and Bow Rehairing

June 27-July 29, 2016
Durham, New Hampshire

With Master Violin and Bow Makers and Repairs:
    Horst Kloss
    Paul Wiessmeyer
    Francis Morris
    Lynn Hannings
    George Rubino

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Here are some comments from Past Participants...

"While it goes without saying that Paul Wiessmeyer is a master luthier (every piece of wood he touches is transformed perfectly), he also is a gifted teacher. He presents his lesson plans clearly and generously devotes equal time to each of his students."
    Joe Fili

"I enrolled in the Violin Craftsmanship Institute in 2009 with Lynn Hannings as the instructor hoping to learn the basics of bow rehairing and came away from the course with more than I expected. Not only did I learn bow rehairing by Lynn's clear demonstrations and then repeating each step on my own bows, but I gained new knowledge into the history of bows and the woods and materials used in bow making. And I met some wonderful fellow students as well. I'm signing up for next year's bow repair class with Lynn to reinforce and add to what I've learned in the first course."
    Linden Frederick

"It was a great experience in all respects. There were participants from every background and part of the country, each with a different reason to be there. The instructor somehow made it all work by setting the highest possible standards for precision while taking a flexible and supportive approach to helping participants go as far as they could in achieving that standard. It opened up a world of understanding that I probably could not have gained any other way."
    Bill Duncan

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