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June 19 - July 21, 2017

Join us for our 44th year of highly-acclaimed, world-renowned violin building and bow making with expert faculty members leading hands-on week-long workshops in:

Bow making, rehairing, repair, frog & button making and bow finishing

Violin and stringed instrument repair

Violin and viola building

Intensive bass bar and neck setting studies

Beginner to Advanced Levels! Take One or More Weeks!

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As a repair luthier with over twenty years of experience, I can honestly state that the bow rehairing workshop taught by Lynn Hannings was the most incredible and informative week of instruction that I have ever received. Her classroom demonstrations are comprehensible and always followed by one on one instruction that is tailored to each individual. Lynn graciously shares invaluable knowledge that most could never obtain without taking this course. She genuinely cares for the health and happiness of musicians and provides a wonderful model for future bow makers.

David Rhodes, Fuller's Music, North Carolina

While it goes without saying that Paul Wiessmeyer is a master luthier (every piece of wood he touches is transformed perfectly), he also is a gifted teacher. He presents his lesson plans clearly and generously devotes equal time to each of his students.

Joe Fili, New Jersey

It was a great experience in all respects. There were participants from every background and part of the country, each with a different reason to be there. The instructor somehow made it all work by setting the highest possible standards for precision while taking a flexible and supportive approach to helping participants go as far as they could in achieving that standard. It opened up a world of understanding that I probably could not have gained any other way.

Bill Duncan, New Hampshire

It's been several months since I had my two-week professional Violin Institute training at UNH. I am still excited about invaluable experience and great time I had working with my new colleagues and friends under Maestro Horst Kloss. He is a world renowned violin maker and expert on fine string instruments and bows. His immense knowledge, scientific approach and very specific, meaningful and clear directions helped me to turn newly received knowledge into a skill. I feel privileged to have studied under his guidance and to have been a part of this inspiring experience. Bravo, Maestro Kloss!

Valeriy Parfenov, Missouri

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